Im Waseem Imam Saheb and welcome to my website. I am a radio presenter and Broadcaster based in South Africa at present. I currently have two podcasts released: "The Roti Riot Podcast", a society and culture based show I cohost with journalist Shaazia Ebrahim; and "The Wonderful Words Podcast" a show devoted to the literary world, where a get to chat to authors around the world about their books and writing craft, featuring authors such as Meena Kandasamy, Damian Barr and Fiona Melrose amongst others.  Please head on to Listen page to check them out.

My latest podcast , titled "i wanna talk about", has just released and a tv, film , video game and comic book commentary show and its already on top charts in the arts and film category on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The show is available on the listen page.

this website is still undergoing some construction so please bear with me